Digital Marketing Transitions in 2017

    Digital Marketing Transitions in 2017

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    2017 is just another revolution in the era of Digital Marketing. Marketing amends itself with each passing day. Next year’s resolutions are still months apart, but there are changes happening that’ll influence the practice of marketing in the years to come. Below are some of the major trends in marketing followed by the marketers this year:


    Machine Learning

    Instead of randomly marketing to a database of contacts, Marketers now would rather invest in heavy tools in order to pitch businesses that have a list of people who are likely to get converted immediately.


    LIVE Videos

    Video-based marketing is the new trend in the field of Digital Marketing nowadays. Things which marketers want to promote are more comparable & relatable if they dispense it through Videos. LIVE video is yet another interesting style of promotion adopted by the marketers these days. It is considered as a Big game changer in the marketing field.


    Interactive Content

    As revealed earlier by our team, Content is Fire & Digital Marketing is the Gasoline. Continuing the trend, Marketers like us keenly focus on the content which they dispense. We firmly believe that posts are useless unless the content is engaging. Creatives we make follows amazingly written content which can attract as many audiences as possible on any social media platform.


    Work Culture
    In order attract audiences & workers towards your brand, you need to reveal your kind of ideology. Eventually, this is another amazing trend followed by the marketers to disclose and declare their type of work environment. This enables people to acknowledge themselves with the kind of brand and work culture you possess.

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