Providing Network Conenctivity

The Comtel Group provides its customers a technical competency through a one-stop source for the client’s computing needs. Comtel has gained immense expertise undertaking large turnkey IT projects such as wide area Network connectivity and carved a niche for itself in the stock broking industry. The client invested with us the task of researching and locating potential partners that could benefit the enterprise in a quantifiable way.

The task began with Research and Analysis that helped the clients prepare investigative reports on equity securities in an effort to inquire, examine and revise facts. Research and Analysis was in action through Lead Generation roles to obtain information for the purpose of expanding the scope of the business, increasing sales avenue, and lookout for new clients. Data Analysis was implemented for the purpose of systematically applying statistical and logical techniques to describe, condense, recap, and evaluate data. This was followed by Data Mining to examine large pre-existing databases in order to generate new information. It was a game changer technique in our endeavour for it could make predictions that were not possible with other techniques.

Data filtering aided us in redefining data sets into user demands. Filtering the data made the results more efficient by a redundant procedure of doing away with the unnecessary information.

The task was winded up by offering demographic information to the client, and acquiring all coordinates for the telecom firms around the U.S.