Importance of Competitor Analysis for SEO

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October 31, 2017
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Importance of Competitor Analysis for SEO


Competitive analysis is an essential segment of an SEO campaign right in the initial stages, which most of the organizations consider unimportant. Far too often, such agencies jump right into keyword mapping, optimizing content or link building. But understanding the market presence of the competitors is very important for every agency and for that matter, the process of Competitor analysis should never be skipped.


Competitive analysis dispenses an absolutely clear view of who is winning the organic visibility in the industry, which keywords are the most valuable & what kind of backlink strategies are working the best.


Identify your Competitors

The first and the essential step in this process is to determine your top four competitors that can be used for this analysis. A blend of direct business competitors and online search competitors will be perfect, which can differ from whom a business identifies as their main competitors.


Backlink gap analysis

A backlink gap analysis reveals the websites that are linking to our competitors, but not to us. Data provided by this analysis is very vital because it allows us to close the gap between our competitors’ backlink profiles and start boosting our own ranking authority by getting links from websites that already link to competitors. Moreover, websites that link to multiple competitors have a comparatively higher success rate for us when we start reaching out to them and creating content for guest posts.


Keyword Gap Analysis

An easy process for determining which keywords your competitors rank well for that your own website does not is considered to be Keyword Gap Analysis. Often, it could be reworking metadata, adjusting site architecture, revamping an existing piece of content, creating a brand-new piece of content specific to a theme of keywords, or building links to your content containing these desirable keywords.


Implement Competitive Analysis in your regular workflow

The process of Competitive Analysis should never be overlooked while planning a digital marketing strategy. It’ll be very helpful in creating complex SEO campaigns based on readily available data and the demand of your market. It’s really essential to dive deep into your industry which is only passable through such analysis implemented regularly.

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