I Need Hits

Search Engine Marketing Services

Ineedhits provides affordable search engine marketing services to the small and medium sized business market. Their longevity in the search engine marketing industry is a testament to the quality of the services they provide. The client company invested in us the task of providing email and chat support for an Australian SEO company, along with presales and postsales inquiries of different SEO services sold on the website.

Our team at Bdeveloper introduced to the client an email and chat support. It is a part of the growing trend toward online customer relationship management where e-support is the electronic version of customer service that would otherwise have required either a visit to a company or a telephone call. This was followed by Order Processing which is the work-flow associated with picking, packing, and delivery of the packed items to the shipping carrier. It served as a key element to order fulfilment.

Order processing systems helped ensure that all of the customers’ orders were fulfilled on time, since automated systems were used to reduce errors in order processing. This enhanced the customer experience and maximized the company’s profitability. The tool used was LivePerson which is a publicly held American technology that develops products for online messaging, marketing, and analytics. We were successful in our endeavour.