Major Things that DO NOT affect your Google Rankings (directly)

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October 16, 2017
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Major Things that DO NOT affect your Google Rankings (directly)

Ever wondered what are the factors that affect your Website’s Google rankings? Is it the website’s age, bounce rate, sharing or hosting? The weird part is that none of these heads influence Google ranking of a website in any way. Listed below are a few secluded factors on which Google doesn’t pay any attention at all!

  • The Age of your Website

Google doesn’t care if you registered your site in 1998 or 2008 or 2016. Their only concern is the degree to which the content on the website actually helps people. Granted, it is true there’s correlation going in this direction. If you started a site in 1998 and it’s still going strong today, chances are good that you’ve built up lots of links and authority and equity and all these kinds of signals that Google does care about.

  • Like & Comments

It’s an amazing achievement if you too many organic likes & comments on your page/posts. But do you think Google cares about it? It only does when your post has lot many shares & it has its own place in the search section and browser activities. Likes & Comments do affect your  your online presence but for Google, they never directly affect the website’s ranking.

  • The tech under your Site’s hood

If Google can crawl each of these URLs and see the unique content on there and the content that Google sees and the content visitors see is the same, they don’t care what’s being used under the hood to deliver that to the browser.

  • Using defaults already assumed by Google

By the head we mean that whenever Google crawls a site, if you don’t have a robots.txt file, or you have a robots.txt file but it doesn’t involve any exclusions, or they reach a page and it has no meta robots tag. they’re just going to assume that they get to crawl everything and that they should follow all the links.

Now that you know the factors affecting your website’s ranking on Google, you can make proficient efforts to help your website perform better in the digital era.

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