On-page optimization | Small website

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On-page optimization | Small website

on-page optimization

Online organic searches are a great resource for businesses nowadays. This is so because organic searches lead to high- quality traffic. And if you can convert and close them, they will ultimately mean higher revenue for your business.

But, how to go about it in case of a small website? And for businesses with little or no budget, it can get really tricky. Here’s the deal: you can still optimize a small website which currently generates no leads. This is how:

On-page optimization

On-page optimization is the top-of-the-list priority for small websites. Focus on on-page optimization of your site structure, links, keywords, meta tags, meta descriptions, canonical tags, URLs, and obviously, content. Also, keep an eye out towards mobile usability.

Include targeted keywords in your titles

This could be tricky. Including keywords in your title is not as easy as it seems, but it still is very important. If you have a boring headline with just keywords, chances are that nobody will go on to read your article. Identify the best keywords to include in your title and brainstorm a catchy headline.

Visual communication

Videos and GIFs are all trending today. Numerous online researchers have collaborated this theory that people prefer images, videos, infographics and screenshots over lengthy content. Moreso, even content that does not feature any imagery is likely to be ignored by online users.

Social sharing buttons

Social media is the by-line which drives traffic to your website. Thus, it becomes important for you to help your readers share your content easily. Place social buttons on every page of your website, wherever there is content. This will make it easier for your readers to share your stuff online.

Optimize for better site speed

Page load time has a big-time impact on your search engine ranking. Users won’t wait for your page to load. Thus, Google and other search engines will pull you down in rankings due to poor usability. 

In the end, just ensuring site optimization isn’t enough, your website has to be user-friendly. If you optimize your small website keeping your users in mind, it is sure to get you a high rank with a better inflow of traffic.

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