Online Car Seat Cover Store

Pink Car accessories is an online car seat cover store which aims at selling customised car seat covers all around the world. Bdeveloper was assigned the task of establishing a social media marketing for their website, handle presales and post sales inquiries(via phone, email and chat) of customers for customer satisfaction is at the heart of selling process.

Initiated by the Market Feasibility testing which is essential to savvy the opportunities and threats that are dealt with, determining what type of business or industry would be most appropriate for a specific location, and analysing the demographic trends, our team went on to focus on Branding and Marketing consultations (for a business thrives only with the goodwill it holds and its representativeness in the market). We did not miss out on the opportunity of using social networking sites as our marketing tools. This aided the firm in brand exposure and widened customer reach.

Several SEO strategies were worked upon to articulate brand’s visibility on the web page and to build up on an efficient, link structure. Email and Chat support was also introduced to the client company. The contact centre was provided with a software that allowed information to be passed on to appropriate people, contacts to be tracked, and data to be gathered. Thus, A direct communication with the buyer was established.

Bdeveloper introduced an Inbound Service, which is the traditional approach to telephone-based customer service to provide a single point of contact for all their service related questions. The key to this Inbound Service was promptness and availability on the part of the organisation wherein the queries of the customers were met with.

An Outbound Service ,wherein the call centre agents make calls to customers on behalf of the business, aided the client in the most efficient of ways.