The Law Firm Technology Precedent

Rekall offers traditional IT services as well as A Complete Law Firm Cloud Experience to law firms worldwide. Rekall implements technologies that boost firm productivity, increase billable hours, and above all decrease downtime. Cloud solutions include everything a law firm needs to completely eliminate an in-house IT infrastructure while at the same time lowering and often diminishing the need to IT support.

Our team set forth with aiding the client company with Appointment Setting which is a niche B2B area wherein specific business specializes in increasing sales by cold calling, generating leads, setting qualified appointments with their end customers and dealers.

The appointment setting is an important task in many occasions for finalizing deals and speeding the process of business negotiations and interactions. The appointment setting involves multiple techniques such as social media researching, targeting customers, reaching out through various modes and channels, negotiation, leveraging contacts, network building.

Technical Support was also advised to the clients in order to provide its customers with a plethora of services. It was delivered over by email, live support software on a website and a tool where users could log a call. The Technical Support team was composed of individuals who were able to troubleshoot most problems experienced by the user. The clients benefited from the approach devised by Bdeveloper.