Syncplicity Is a File Share And Synchronization Service Developed By Syncplicity Inc.

Syncplicity is a file share and synchronization service developed by Syncplicity Inc. The service lets users store and sync files online between computers. It supports Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. Syncplicity offers both free and paid accounts. The client company invested with us the task of providing technical support to its customers.

An Email Technical Support was introduced to the client company by Bdeveloper. An email support and chat support guiding customers towards static information first, and towards the interactive self-help options and towards live interaction. The toll-free line to a company representative – once the only customer support listed on a Web site – is offered solely as a last resort. A plethora of Technical Support was implemented (to attempt to help users solve specific problems with a product rather than providing training, customization, or other support services) that included telephonic support to premium customers.

Chat is a cost-effective way to add personalization and social interaction to the online shopping experience and immediate responses to customer questions, therefore, we did not miss out on the opportunity to introduce email and chat support. The contact centre was provided with a software that allowed information to be passed on to appropriate people, contacts to be tracked, and data to be gathered. A direct communication with the buyer was established because customer satisfaction is at the heart of the selling process.

Order processing systems helped ensure that all of the customers’ orders were fulfilled on time, since automated systems were used to reduce errors in order processing. This enhanced the customer experience and maximized the company’s profitability. The tool used was LivePerson which is a publicly held American technology that develops products for online messaging, marketing, and analytics. We were successful in our endeavour.