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October 25, 2016
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Social-media-marketing-importanceSocial media marketing importance

Social media nowadays, has become the advertising forum for not just brands, but individuals alike. People/businesses use social media as a tool to publicize their products, services or relay information to the reader about their industry in general. Thousands of businesses have had a huge positive impact upon their business by effective social media campaigns on various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc.  In simpler words, no matter what your business is and who your customers are, social media can act as a tool to multiply your business.

Some people are reluctant to take up social media. The most burning questions they ask themselves: Is social media worth my time, money and attention? Yes it is! Here are the reasons why-


  1. WebTraffic


           Social media is a great platform to divert traffic to your business. This traffic will not just consist of people wanting to buy your product/service, but also potential future buyers. The use of hashtags # plays an important factor here. Effective hashtags divert people into your posts worldwide, whoever is searching for or putting up the same hashtag. People will only like/share your post if they find it useful and meaningful. It is important to engage your audience creatively, rather than begging for attention. Great posts will multiply your viewers and audience that actually like every post of yours. Added incentive: Great traffic on your website will act as a catalyst for your SEO agenda, as Google will love your website only if your readers/viewers like them.


  1. Connect to Industry Leaders & learn from Consumers

        You could use social media to connect with experts in your industry, non-competing businesses, journalists, thought leaders etc. What makes social media so cool is that you get to know the tastes and preferences of your consumers. Things like what do they do on a weekend, what kind of posts they like, etc. will help you understand your consumer base. A simple retweet can bridge the gap between you and your potential consumers.     

Facebook Ads allow you to target your audience with filters like location, education level, pages they have liked, etc. You also have to the option to install a Facebook pixel on your site and use it to retarget the users who visit you — these people are far more likely to convert into solid leads and sales!


  1. Brand Image

    Not just marketing, social media is a great after sales platform as well. You could have a feedback questionnaire or survey circulated to your consumers. If there is a problem with your product or service, you will get to know it first hand. You can have that resolved right away. Plus, active and intelligent involvement on the social media will help promote brand loyalty.


  1. Sales

    It’s not just your company’s name that is on the social media site. It is you! Interacting with the company itself, consumers are more likely to buy from you, because your posts appear regularly on their accounts (if they have liked/followed you). Additionally, you can give them incentives to buy from you. For instance, you could share coupon codes, and you will be surprised with the reactions you get.

By following keywords on Twitter, you can direct users who are looking for the product you sell to your website. You could also answer questions on Quora, and readers might end up visiting your website, and who knows, your invisible lead might just turn into sales.


  1. Your competitors are already doing it

     This is the last place you want to lag behind your competition. Because if you do, you will have the hard work of catching up with the followers and friends that could have ended up as yours in the first place. This first hand earning of loyalty is quintessential. Also, you just have to outwit, outsmart and out-network your competition. It does not matter if your competitors have a bigger budget than yours, social media is a fairly level playing field. If you run out of content and ideas, simply share or post news that is trending at the moment.


  1. ROI

   Of course, as you know, all social media sites are free, which means running a social networking campaign is as cheap a marketing tool as it gets. If your writing skills leave something to be desired, you can hire  a social media marketing company like us and enjoy high level of traffic and unbeatable lead-sales conversion.


Apart from the business perspectives, there is another great reason for using social media sites- its fun! Celebrate a new product launch, organize events & competitions, or any action that build brand awareness, traffic and brand loyalty. Unlike traditional marketing, it’s great fun to publicize your brand via social media marketing.

Want to accelerate past your competitors? Want to see your website on high Google rankings? Then pull out that phone and give us a call. We will make you a social sensation!

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